I had a chance to work for a year as a creative at the Twitter internal marketing team. At my stay, I had the opportunity to work in a different range of projects: logo design, events, social campaigns with influencers, recruiting videos for engineers  and awareness campaigns celebrating digital citizenship.  Below are some of the projects that I had the did there with my partner Patrick Condo.




Vidcom is the biggest event in the world for video creators and Twitter was one of the main sponsors. For this partnership we decide generate awareness to Twitter video tool which has been used by the main video makers, generating them millions of views and making some clips go viral like the Optimistic dance challenge. We partner with video maker influencers and ask them them to generate exclusive video content during the Vidcom week. They also were part of our ads inside the the event.  We used the hashtag #VideoOfTheDay as a way to inspire other video creators that are not tapping to Twitters video capabalities.



We had the opportunity to design the# TwitterForGood logo.  Internal initiatives to promote volunteer work for good causes.



Every year, Twitter assemble the lading minds in online safety to participate on a week long discussion on how to make the internet a better, more positive place for all. We took advantage this gathering to created byte size videos promoting digital citizenship to be distributed on different Twitter's social media handles