Augusta National. It’s home to the illustrious Masters Tournament. It’s the crown jewel of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters. And with just a mere 300 members the world over, it’s truly one of the most exclusive courses on the planet. Heck, even trying to sneak a peak at it with Google Street View is virtually impossible. So we thought, “Hey, why not just give the rest of the world access to this super-exclusive course?” So we did. Enter EA SPORTS Masters Course View.

Course View combines EA’s video game engine, 3-D laser scans of the real Augusta National accurate to the millimeter, and Google Street View API. The result is a 360-degree, fully walkable digital replica of the course that anyone, not just the world’s elite, can explore.


Role: Creative Director

Agency: Heat





Navigate the course via the Satellite View function that features an aerial view of the real Augusta National course.



Or walk digital replicas of each of its 18 legendary holes just like you would on Google Street View.

Course View lives right on the Tiger Woods PGA Tour Facebook Page. Sharing the entire experience is as simple as "liking," clicking one of the share buttons or copying and pasting a few lines of code. Course View helped the Tiger Woods PGA Tour Facebook Page traffic skyrocket by more than 41,000 “likes” in the first month alone.